Legalization of marijuana

A letter to the legislator regarding the legalization of marijuana at the federal level.

In some states marijuana is still fully illegal. Write a formal letter to a selected member of government advocating policy in regard to the legalization of marijuana for health benefits. The memo must explain why you selected this member of government; justify your policy recommendations; identify major challenges related to your recommendations; and, discuss how these challenges could be addressed.

Legalization of marijuana

Student’s Name

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Kamala Harris

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Sacramento, CA 95814, United States


Dear Mrs. Kamala

I am a student and a citizen of the United States of America. The purpose of writing this letter is to urge you to continue with your push for the legalization of marijuana at the federal level. I have chosen to address this letter to you because of your invaluable efforts to fight for the legalization of marijuana through the Marijuana Justice Act.  It has come to my notice that you have co-sponsored the above legislation that seeks to legalize marijuana at the federal level and advocate for the release of people in police custody due to marijuana-related issues such as those caught in possession of marijuana and those found using marijuana.

Marijuana Justice Act would be of great importance when it becomes a law given the numerous health benefits of marijuana. To begin with, various researches have revealed that marijuana has several health benefits that range from being used as anesthesia during surgery to having medicinal value. First, marijuana can be used as chronic pain relief. This can be attributed to its chemical compound called cannabinoid which is known for providing relief to chronic pain due to their chemical makeup. Secondly, a study found out than unlike cigarettes which causes harm to the lung, smoking marijuana does not harm the lungs instead it helps increase the capacity of the lungs thus improving the lungs’ effectiveness. Thirdly, marijuana helps control the weight of its user. Ideally, most marijuana smokers are not usually overweight. This stems from the fact that marijuana helps the body regulate insulin as well as the intake of calories. Fourthly, a research conducted by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) reveals that marijuana can help regulate and prevent diabetes. This is due to the ability of marijuana to improve the overall flow of blood, regulate blood sugar level, and blood pressure level.

Lastly, many studies argue that marijuana treats certain types of cancer. This again is due to its compound, the cannabinoid that is argued to be effective in treating cancer. Besides, marijuana is known for relieving one of depression due to its endocannabinoid compounds that are known for stabilizing moods, regulates seizures, treat glaucoma, and alleviates anxiety.

The eminent challenges that we are likely to face in our advocate for the legalization of marijuana are as follows; first, there are negative perceptions about marijuana among the public due to inaccurate and distorted information about marijuana. Numerous vague and incomplete researches have for instance convinced the public that smoking marijuana is a risk factor for lung cancer due to the high amount of tar in marijuana. Consequently, they have made the public believe that using marijuana leads to impair judgment as well as memory loss, hallucinations lung, and brain damage, and reduces bone density making one susceptible to fractures.

The above challenges can be addressed by teaching the public on the health benefits of using marijuana as well as restricting the use of marijuana solely for medicinal purposes and not for recreational purposes. This should be coupled up with putting in place strict rules that bar individuals from using marijuana in public.

Yours sincerely,


Student’s Name

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