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Argumentative Essay Sample – Pets help lower stress levels.

This argumentative essay sample explores how pets helps lower stress levels.

While most people think that jogging, yoga and meditation are the best ways to reduce stress, studies have shown that pets such as dogs and cats provide social support that is vital in relieving stress and providing other health benefits. Scholars argue that either playing or being in a company of a pet stimulates the production of a stress reducing hormone called oxytocin and inhibits the release of cortisol hormone which causes stress.

A recent study shows that those who love animals are always in better moods compared to their counterparts who dislike animals. The improved moods are attributed to the soothing soft fur on the body of the pets which offers a relaxing sensation when rubs up against one’s hand. Besides, it is not easy to stay in a bad mood when your eyes come into contact with the loving eyes of the puppy (Scott, 2019).

Another study which was conducted among groups of hypertensive New York stockbrokers to determine the relationship between pets and blood pressure revealed that those who had pets had lower blood pressure compared to those who did not have pets. The study concluded that despite drugs being effective in reducing blood pressure, pets have proved more effective than drugs in reducing blood pressure which are caused by tension and stress (Waggener, 2019).

Pets especially dogs motivate their owners to always have a recreational walk with them. The dog owners often walk around with their dogs either because the dogs need it or get motivated with the dogs companionship, this makes dog owners to spend more time walking compared to non-pet owners especially in urban areas. However, most people enjoy recreational walking due to the companionship they get from their dogs, this is of great importance given that recreational walking is one of the easiest ways for people to get the recommended allotment of physical exercise each day. Moderate exercise, such as walking, contributes to both physical and mental wellbeing. Since exercise helps in stress management, owning a dog therefore helps in reducing stress.

Walking around with pets not only provide an avenue for exercise but also help with social support. As one walks around with his or her dog, he or she gets easily approachable and provides people with a reason to stop and talk, thus increasing the number of people that dog owners interact with which in turn increases their network of friends and acquaintances. Increased friends and acquaintances helps in stress management as they provide one with an opportunity to share his or her problems.

A study conducted in one of the nursing homes found that nursing home residents reported less loneliness when visited by dogs alone than when visited with dogs and people. From the study, it is evident that dogs can help relieve one of the feelings of lack of social support and social isolation. Dogs have proved to be the best antinode to loneliness perhaps better than human beings. They provide their owners with love and companionship which relieves them of stress (“Dogs help reduce stress”, 2019).

Lastly, it has been widely argued that having a pet around while conducting a stressful task relieve one of stress in a much better way than a spouse or a supportive friend can do. Pets are good listeners than human beings and as usual there is power in sharing one’s problems with a good friend.


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