8 steps to write an effective research paper

how to write a research paper

How to write a research paper

Every college student will have to write at least one research paper before he or she graduates. Writing a research paper can be challenging especially if it is your first time. It is for this reason that this particular essay writing platform exists to help you out.

Below are the few tips on how to write a research paper;

Step 1: Take time to familiarize yourself with the assignment

This should be the first step towards writing a research paper that contains all the assignment requirements. Although it may sound obvious, many students often avoid this step and end up getting low marks that leave them wondering how they failed in an assignment that they worked hard on. It is important to always take your time to synthesize and digest the assignment, check the grading rubric, and any other resources provided by the instructor before starting the paper. You can consult your instructor before picking up a topic viz. if you are not sure. You can also request our essay writing service; we will be glad to help you. 

Step 2: Pick an appropriate topic

This can be a challenging task but do not worry. You can choose any topic that you fancy and do not strain yourself trying to choose a perfect topic. Always choose to write about something that you are interested in or passionate about. In most cases, controversial topics have proved more effective as they allow one to explore different perspectives and be able to defend one in case the assignment requires one to do so.

 However, it is important to always use the instructor’s guidelines to formulate your research topic. Strive to choose a topic that you are comfortable with and in case you find your preferred topic not fitting well into the guidelines, choose another topic that fits in well.

Step 3: Research

There is no elaborate way when it comes to carrying out research. Everybody has his or her unique way of carrying out research. However, when carrying out research or doing any essay writing project, it is advisable to stay focus and move pretty quickly to have adequate time to write your research paper. This means that you do not have to read everything. Instead, you should focus on the keywords and points specific to your research topic.

As usual, the most important aspect of any essay writing paper is finding reliable sources. There exist thousands of resources online. However, how do you know which resource is reliable and which one is not? Click here to learn more.

Students are always urged not to use Wikipedia when doing their essay writing projects. This can be attributed to a varied amount of inaccurate information in Wikipedia. This happens because Wikipedia can be edited by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. However, this does not dispute it as a crucial tool when it comes to writing a research paper. You can always use Wikipedia to familiarize yourself with the topic.  Also, you can use it to find keywords that will hasten your research. In other words, you can use Wikipedia as a starting point in your essay writing project. Nevertheless, do not use it as your primary source or reference it as one of your sources.

For good research, you need to read many articles and books about the topic. This will give you different points of view on the topic you are researching. You can also talk to an expert to help you understand the research topic well. Academic Freelance Writers will help you navigate through challenging research topics. Feel free to consult us and if possible allow us to handle the research paper for you.

Step 4 Organize your research

After obtaining all the necessary information, it is now time to sit down and organize the information. You can do this by formulating annotated bibliography or bookmarking the web resources you came across or both. This will enable you to link your resources.

Step 5 Formulate a thesis

Before you begin writing your research paper, create a specific, arguable, definitive thesis statement to help guide you through your essay writing process. You can ask your instructor or tutor or trusted mentor or educator if your thesis statement is strong enough. Click here for tips on how to write a strong thesis statement.

Step 6 Create an outline for your paper

This entails structuring your paper. The outline should follow the guidelines and the assignment requirements especially when it required as part of the paper. An effective outline should have an introduction and conclusion otherwise the inner content should depend on the contented of your essay.

Step 7 Write

The next step is writing the research paper. Now that you have done your research and formulated a strong essay, it is time to pen down your thoughts. You don’t have to use the perfect words or grammar at this point as you will still have to edit your paper before turning it in. It is always advisable to use the resources you have gathered as a basis for formulating your ideas. This will help you write an authentic paper that is free from plagiarism. If you quote something word by word, you need to cite the source of that information. You can also paraphrase the piece of information but still, you need to mention where you got the idea.

Step 8 Edit and re-read your paper

It may sound obvious that one should always edit and re-read his or her essays before submitting them. However, some students rush to submit their essays without editing and re-reading them to meet the deadline. This often stems from the limited time caused by the student’s poor planning. You should edit the grammar and the content of your paper in addition to re-reading your paper to iron out the mistakes that you may have made unknowingly before submitting your paper.

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